Program and Service Design


Whether you are at the building stage of program design and service delivery or are simply stuck along the way, Pam can develop a program design strategy to suit your needs including:

o A diagnostic
o A strategy and practical action plan
o Support with implementation
o Frameworks, skills, techniques, principles and confidence

Pam has developed and delivered innovative social and community programmes based on leading practice for government, business and NGO’s

Pam’s project portfolio can be viewed here

Capacity Building

Working together effectively can produce great outcomes. Pam helps people and organisations find better ways of working together by building capacity for shared dialogue and participation. She believes that the people in your group, company, or community already have the latent knowledge needed to work well together. Her skill lies in helping people to recognise and draw out those resources in order to find the best solutions and an optimum path for moving forward.

Pam can help develop productive, innovative and accountable organisations that enable participation of employees, partners, clients, stakeholders.

Examples of Pam’s work can be found here.


Pam can offer facilitation of small and large group events, one-off workshops, or long-term strategic processes. Pam’s strength as a facilitator is her ability to develop the necessary dialogue that allows a shared understanding of issues or priorities to enable the development of a collective plan of action.

Pam’s facilitation portfolio is available here.

Community Development

Pam has worked in a variety of roles in community development, as a manager, in policy development, as an educator and trainer. Pam can help organisations develop leading practice engagement techniques to work effectively with communities and stakeholders and other partnerships.

While her more recent community development projects have been in the resources sector, Pam has a broader portfolio of experience in a variety of areas.

You can view Pam’s portfolio of community development work here