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Designing programs and services requires the capacity to think outside the box. Pam has the expertise and experience in finding not only the best approach to suit your needs, but the vision required for change. Pam can help with research, planning, engagement, assessing needs and opportunities, partnering, securing resources, monitoring and evaluation processes.

Uniting Care Queensland

Scan of Disadvantage

scan of disadvantage cover

Action Plan for place-based responses

Pam led the development of a report for UnitingCare Queensland providing a policy framework and recommendations that target specific local responses for disadvantaged communities.

Uniting Care Queensland is the largest church-based community service organisation in Australia. The Scan of Disadvantage received national attention for its unique focus on mapping and analysing locational disadvantage in order to specifically address the needs of individual local communities.

Pam also assisted UnitingCare Queensland in the implementation of the report recommendations, through development of an Action Plan that responded to place-based disadvantage.

Urban Land Development Authority (QLD)

Affordable Housing Strategy

afforable housing

Pam developed an Affordable Housing Strategy for the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) as well as the Community Building Program and Accessible Housing Guidelines. The Affordable Housing Strategy outlined various approaches to improve affordability including improved housing and subdivision design and increasing the efficiency of development approvals.

The Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) was established by the Queensland Government to work towards increasing the supply of affordable housing in Queensland.

Teck Resources

SMART Community Relations Training Manual


Pam worked with CSRM to manage the drafting and review of Teck’s SMART community relations training manual, which is used by the company in a variety of international settings. The SMART Guide included leading practice frameworks designed as a practical resource for community relations staff.

Teck is a diversified mining company with assets in Canada, the USA, Chile and Peru.

Catalyst Affordable Housing Company


Pam’s role as Director on the Board of Catalyst involves providing strategic direction to guide the delivery of a $20 million investment in affordable housing in Gladstone.

The Gladstone Affordable Housing project is a unique collaboration with Gladstone’s three LNG companies and was recently awarded the Business Partner of the Year Award at the PowerHousing Australian Annual Awards.


Salva Resources
Social Responsibility Framework

Pam collaborated with Salva Resources to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility Framework for Thriveni Earthmoving. The CSR Framework was designed to follow international leading practice as well as meet the requirements of the new Indian Companies Act 2012.

Thriveni Earthmoving is headquartered in India and services both national and international clients.


Conoco Phillips 

Community Engagement Plan

conoco phillips

The Community Engagement Plan was designed to support a long-term sustainable relationship between the community and Conoco Phillips LNG project. It provided an innovative approach to community engagement, addressing challenges such as consultation fatigue and has provided ongoing direction for Conoco Phillips community relations practice.

Conoco Phillips is one the world’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Capacity Building

Capacity building involves supporting individuals, groups and organisations to develop to their full potential through increasing their understanding, knowledge, skills and confidence.

BHP Billiton
Strategic advice and mentoring

Since 2010, Pam has worked closely with BHP Billiton’s Mt Arthur Coal in the development and implementation of their community development management plan. A range of approaches have been used, including coaching and mentoring key staff, providing training to stakeholders and providing strategic advice on the development of projects and community investments.

Metro North Brisbane Medicare
Community Engagement Manual and Training

Pam Bourke Consulting provided Metro North Brisbane Medicare with a Community Engagement Manual, as well as designing and delivering a training program for local staff.

Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local coordinates and delivers health services over three local council areas in Brisbane. Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local’s successful community engagement initiative resulted in identifying and addressing local healthcare priorities.


Dialogue and People Centred Development
Community Aspects of Resource Development
Building Common Ground

Pam has offered numerous training courses in community development and social policy, both in Australia and internationally. She has also taught and designed courses on community development and engagement at universities in Australia, Canada and Chile.

Pam’s clients include:

• BHP Billiton
• Rio Tinto
• Xstrata
• New South Wales Minerals Council
• Antamina Mine Peru
• Teck Resources
• Centre for Social Response
• BHPB Mitsubishi Alliance (BMC)

Training courses are tailored to the needs and context of individual clients. You can access Pam’s training calendar here.


Facilitation involves supporting organisations, either individually or collectively to plan, solve problems, design strategies and manage diversity.

Committee for Collaborative Community Development Facilitator

The Committee for Collaborative Community Development is a project established As a partnership between BHP Billiton’s Mt Arthur Coal, the Muswellbrook Shire Council and Upper Hunter Community Services. Pam continues to provide facilitation for this innovative community development project.

International Community Development Conference Chair
In 2010 Pam was chair of the organising committee of an international conference held in Brisbane. The ‘Community Centred Economies Conference’ was the biggest community development conference ever held in the Oceania region, and was jointly hosted by the International Association of Community Development (IACD) along with Community Development Queensland (CDQ).

Workshops and Planning

Pam has facilitated planning, problem-solving and partnering meetings and workshops for a range of organisations and clients.

Pam’s clients include:

• The Urban Development Institute of Australia (Queensland)
• Urban Land Development Authority
• Brisbane City Council
• BHP Billiton
• Queensland Council on the Aging (QCOTA)

Community Development

Community development is a process of working with communities to develop greater resilience, sustainability and participation. It has an explicit focus on addressing disadvantage through enabling community members to feel empowered to collaborate take action on their priorities. The process is inclusive of a broad range of stakeholders and decision makers to access resources and achieve the ownership of outcomes.

Community Relations and Mining

Pam has developed and taught courses on Community Development and Community Engagement for the Mining Industry at Universities in Australia, Canada and Chile.

Pam has also produced digital training tools for community development practitioners in the resource sector.

• From Chaos To Clarity-the use of frameworks in development work
• Dialogue for development: DVD with role plays illustrating the principles of dialogue

Brisbane City Council

Pam pioneered Community Development Services and Social Policy Branches in Brisbane City Council. Pam initiated the development of multidisciplinary regional community development teams in four locations of the city to strengthen resident participation in local government decision-making.

As the first manager of these areas, in Australia’s largest local government, Pam developed policy and programmes for a range of community development portfolios including:

• Homelessness
• Affordable housing
• Indigenous
• Youth
• Aging
• Cultural Diversity
• Social Enterprise
• Community Arts
• Sport and Recreation
• Park planning

Local Government Association of Queensland

As the Community Development Advisor for the Local Government Association of Queensland Pam implemented community development and social impact assessment guidelines to support councils across Queensland.

Policy and Planning

Pam has managed or advised on policy, strategy and planning for community development for:

o Queensland State Government
o Local Government Association of Queensland
o Brisbane City Council
o Gold Coast City Council
o Auckland City Council New Zealand
o New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
o Moreton Bay Regional Council
o Redland City Council
o Logan City Council
o Reach Foundation
o BHP Billiton Mt Arthur Coal
o Thriveni Earth Moving